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These are the only words I can think of to describe this wonderfully written story of four girlfriends. And while they haven't been "lifetime" friends, they all seem to come together at pivotal points in their lives.
Emily can't get over her marriage breakup. Amber gets paid for her "services".
Brooke is a well sought after wedding planner and Summer seems to be the glue that holds them all together.
Each have their secrets, desires, fears and temptations. Each have their reasons for not being in a relationship but most of all, they each have one another.
Until one incident will tear the group apart.
To say I thoroughly enjoyed this book would be a huge understatement.
I'm extremely lucky enough to have my "circle", just as these four women do. ~Bloggers from Down Under (Five Stars)


I do not give spoilers to any book I review...that would take the fun out of it for the next reader. This book is perfection! The characters are very well developed and so easy to relate to. Seriously, ask yourself if you or anyone you know has ever made bad choices... The answer is yes every single time. Life is a learning process... make a mistake you learn not to make it again. These four women are fabulous. I loved each character...for different reasons. Dawn Wright did an outstanding job making the characters, not only well developed, very diverse. The story line flowed perfectly; it has some surprising twist and turns, which makes it even harder to put down. This was a page turner for me and has became one I will be buying in paperback for an excellent addition to my library. I understand that there are people who are used to two to three characters in books... Times are changing and this author made it very easy to follow the characters. When you see Brooke or Summer in bold print, you know what flows is about that character. In real life our lives have more than two to three people in it and if you want to read a book that you can relate to the characters it has to flow as life does. Authors are striving hard to dig deep to deliver those stories to us. I thank you Ms. Wright for taking that step... it made the book so enjoyable for me. I highly recommend this book to all women! I look forward to more from this author. ~Jessa (Five Stars)


When I first started this book. I didn't know what to expect. I'm so use to reading about thugs and drugs I didn't think I was gonna like it. I wanted to be open to read something different. I read the first chapter and was like hmmmm I don't know. Whoa, was I wrong!! This author brought a story that had clean language and it still had be like a omg. I didn't think it was possible unless it was a Christian fiction. A love affair that you know in your heart was wrong, but it felt good, and drama with each friend. I won't spoil it, but I felt like I was actually there. The story line was perfect. I swear I was living in a lifetime movie ( Back when the movies had you on the edge of your seat). There was never a dull moment with all the characters because she brought them to life. Ms. Dawn is mean with that pen❣ Come on part 2! I'm ready! ~Bella Jae (Five Stars)

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Holy amazeballs!!!!!!! This book is the DC version of my favorite NY girls from Sex in the City. These women are amazing. I love their chemistry, and ups and downs. Everyone needs to have a group of girls that stick by them. I am not into spoilers so look up Dawn Wright and one click now for some hot steamy sexy romance, falling outs, love loss and much more. ~Cathy (Five Stars)

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This author is so.... Talented ! This book drew me in from the beginning! all the characters were well developed and strong characters. This book was well written and this definitely won't be the last read by this author. Get this book you won't be disappointed!~Winter (Five Stars)

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The author has given us a generous helping of fun, sex and drama. The writers style has your eyes smoothly melting over the words as the language and storyline flow fluently. There are four gorgeous girls to wrap your arms around and Im sure every reader will have one that they relate to. I am Team Oliver all the way, with a shot of Jackson thrown in occasionally 💋 Excited for book two of this trilogy now! I'm ready and waiting 👍~NK Love (Five Stars)

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I was lucky to be sent this by the author to read and I'm glad I always take chances on new authors because that's where you find some of the best , this book was different I liked how it focused on four different women and their stories and the emotions and everything that comes with them , this was fun and sexy and has your emotions going , I was hooked from first page , very well written indeed ! I highly recommend this so one click ;) ! Simone (Five Stars)

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This was a great read. This was my first book by the author. I liked how she wrote between Emily, Brooke, Amber and Summer. Capital Encounters was well written. The ending makes you want to read more and to see what happens. I'm hoping all these woman get a happy ending. I'd recommend this book. Looking forward to reading more of this aithor' s work.~Shannon (Five Stars)

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In this wonderful book, Dawn Wright, captures a suspenseful and expressive view of dramatic relationships amongst four women through dating, friendship, and business. Which a compelling ending, I am left to wonder what happens next in her following book. Highly enjoyed!!!~Angela (Five Stars)

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