Planted somewhere in Alexandria--DC, you can always find her with a cup of coffee in one hand and her smartphone in the other. When she's not writing or editing--or doing some other form of her writing business, you can surely catch her gabbing on the phone with friends or watching ratchet reality TV. She loves competition shows, especially ones that revolve around creativity. She said she'd just die if Project Runway were to go off air, and would throw high heel shoes at everyone if Big Brother were to go off air . . . however, that's not a show based on creativity is it? More like social and intellect, though she believes that one must be creative in how they'll evict the next houseguest. So, Dawn Wright wins her point!!! Also, it's not realistic that she would throw high heels at anyone, since she wears flats most of the time. 

In order to get her creative juices flowing, you can catch her riding in her pony shifting gears around town with music blasting and coffee in the cup holder. She has Ariana Grande's "Into You" on repeat, and loves listening to Destiny Child's hits. Dawn Wright is so random, that she never sticks to one genre on her playlist. She'll go from 80's rock like Def Leppard "Love Bites" then up to the 90s with Mya "Fallen" just to turn left to Nicky Parrot "They Say It's Spring." Then she end it all with old school hip hop. Not the 80s but late 90s to now. But then she'll close that off with techno or house.

Her cousin often accuses her of being very random in conversation, and most describe her as crazy or weird. She wouldn't have it any other way, though her boyfriend insists that she's not weird. BUT, this is the same man who insist she try out for American Idol, because she has a nice singing voice. So, what does he know? According to her mom and cousins, she should just write and stay silent.

Dawn Wright is a Gemini.

Who taught herself how to read and write at three.

Sucks horribly at math and science.

Is obsessed with big, curly/wavy hair. The thicker, the better.

NEVER runs out of coffee in the house.

NEVER walks around or sleeps without socks. 

Has beautiful feet.

Is ALWAYS in need of a manicure, and that's because her fingernails suck and are ugly, but rarely gets them these days.

Most of her lounge wear has holes in them, because she will wear her most comfy items until her boyfriend steps in and demands that she gets rid of them.

She is very frugal and simplistic; something her boyfriend loves about her.

She a slot machine slut!

Wishes she could be 33 forever, but she's not even 33 right now.

Loves to learn about the planets, and can teach you about them! Keep in mind, she now likes science, but hates biology!

Loves to study nutrition, but mind you, she doesn't work out and couldn't outrun a dog.

Loves to watch stand-up comedy and will give any comedian a shot, just as long as they don't talk badly about God.

She does love God--a lot!

She's doesn't tell people how to live their lives. Believes that whatever makes you happy, makes you a nice person.

She's a person full of joy, because she is a writer!

She does has a middle name.

Loves listening to music of different languages and will nod her head in the car to pretend she understands it.

Oh, and she does shout at drivers, but they'll never hear her.

Used to hate dark chocolate and preferred milk, but now, eats the dark, avoids the milk.

She believes that she's a master chef, because she loves to cook.

She wants to get back into sewing. If she couldn't write, she'd sew.

Loves to draw, but has no time to do it.

Still believes that she can sing, too.

Loves to watch The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless.

Leave her alone, that won't change anytime soon.

Most of her friends are Geminis.

She would never date one.

Her man is a Leo.

She has three children. Two lambs and a bear. They also make great neck support in the bed while watching TV.

Believes that NYC is the best place in America, though she's not qualified to make such a assessment given her history of limited travels. 

She loves New Yorkers because she feels they're most transparent and typically nice!