Rough Around the Edges

Let me preface this whole post by saying that politics have no room on my blog and they probably never will. Briefly, I must acknowledge that a lot of Americans, hell, people around the world have been quite upset. And most, still are. But no one is more upset than the Americans who didn't ask for this. So I ask, how are you now? Hopefully better. 

I, too, felt devastated, but after a great, great word from a preacher(ess), my mental grief was lifted. Prior to her video, I had instructed myself to let it go, just accept it. Unfortunately, I had still felt sick like never before. There's nothing like the word of God. 

So, I showered and after the video and water, I felt like myself again, perhaps better! So here I sit on Saturday night, still feeling up to par. But I see a lot of my fellow Americans still do not. A lot are very nervous, worried, suspicious and perhaps full of hate. None of this is good for someone's well-being nor will it help down the line. As a woman of faith, God was and is my answer. Some Christians still haven't gotten themselves together, sitting around worried about a man. A MAN. A HUMAN. And if you're not a person of faith, then I still suggest you not give one person all or any of your power. This has taught us all a lesson. Some of us had this lesson down before the elections. Lesson is, always have your stuff in order. We should always have a plan in life. The more we walk in a plan, the less derailed we feel. It really didn't matter if Trump, Hillary or Ronald McDonald won. We should live like no one is on our sides. You're not going to be sent a rescue boat when you encounter problems just because your favorite candidate was elected. You just put trust in them because of their said policies.

Yes, the policies. We pick Presidents based on appealing policies and promises. What if the unwanted President changes them for the worse? Well, the candidate you voted for can do that, too. You'll never agree with all the policies of a President. Never. Sometimes, out of the blue, they make decisions that certainly will throw you for a loop that you didn't think they were capable of. Happens. 

All I'm saying is this: find a way to move along. Start planning--if you can--for the policies you think will effect you shall they get implemented. And some things you can't plan for. Accept that but take comfort in the fact that you've done all that you can do as an American. And remember, always treat people with kindness. You never know when the person or people you project hate to will be the person or people who save you in your darkest hour.