When I Asked: Who would play your character in a movie?

Okay, okay. A lot of writers other than me must do this. It's funny how we authors share a lot of quirky qualities. I write this as I watch The Green Mile, loosely. Everyone has seen that movie but me, it seems, and I'm a Stephen King fan. 

Back on track, excuse me, but my main girl Summer from my book, Capital Encounters, has Amazonian golden brown hair, golden skin and green eyes. Right? It's 1:37 am and I think I have her described right. Teeheehee. We slip up at times. Pardone me! Okay, I have no clue yet who could nail her looks on the big screen, but I do have Amber who I think would be played rather nicely by Meagan Good. Ooh, chile. What you don't know is how badly I slaughtered her name until I googled it. Moving along, I don't think she'd be down to portray the likes of Amber and all her raunchiness but I would like her to play Amber. Emily? My Puerto Rican girl would be played by Karla Souza (HTGAWM). Wow. What will that show be like without Wes? Luckily he wasn't my favorite student but dang! He was the poster child!!! Ahem, right. Brooke, she would be played by someone gorgeous. I would probably have to scoop up some new faces for Summer and Brooke. Sometimes, Hollywood just can't give you what you need (wink, wink).



But yes, that's what I would do so far. Cast two and scout for new talent on the other two. However, I'm afraid that Meagan would reject that role, lmao, so maybe I would need to cast for three. Hey, this is my imagination, so if I say Karla's got the job, then I gotta believe that she won't put up a fight and accept the role.  

My eye lids are trying to close with each word I write and I'm starting to ramble. Hey! This is an honest look here. What's happening on The Green Mile now? Tom Mean Hanks is about to fry the dome of The Green Mile dude. Awww, I forgot this man ain't even alive in real life either. Michael Duncan Clark is it? Man I'm good. And I didn't even google that! Wait, guys. I forgot the E in Clark because google told me so.