The Passion Between Us

What makes life worth living to you? What gets you going in the morning? Is it the same thing as mine? What makes your heart beat, aside from the natural and involuntary functions of your heart and vessels? And trust me, in these days and time, you need to know what that is. I have 36 years on this planet, but I never really met myself until late 2012, when I was 32. I mean, I almost really met myself when I turned 18 and literally fresh out of high school. If only I had I stayed the course ... But, as grown women like to say, that's neither here or there.


Do I or should I resent the fact that I had this beautiful experience so late in life? Can't firmly say no but I can say, perhaps. Imagine the years of agony I could have saved myself. Instead of trying to figure myself out, I would have had my answer. I was right under my nose. No, like, I could have held a mirror underneath my nose and found myself. That's just how literal this is. I often struggle with the idea that I could have saved a massive amount of money in college tuition and expenses, but only in regards to my master's degree. I mean, can you really regret education? You're encouraged not to. But I have to say, you have the right to regret whatever you want to in life. And had I remained true to myself since 18, I wouldn't have gone to grad school for business. Maybe for some area under the umbrella of writing, but definitely not for business. What I do regret, is making choices above my passion for which they failed to serve the greater good of my overall purpose and satisfaction. I admit it: I chased money, scholastic societies and one of those laudes.


And none of those beauties made me feel more important, more confident, more fulfilled than what God has given and installed in me: my passion--writing. 


Because God gives us our passions--things internally connected to us, things that never die or fade, things that are under our noses and define us inside and out, things that to which we start serving at a young age before we even know what's going on, things that we gravitate toward without a cause or catcall, things that make us feel like we're on a constant high even when we're driving in traffic and irritated by hasty drivers ... the thing that makes us smile when no one is around to witness. Because we can only be our better selves once we discover our own purpose here on this Earth.  And if you think you're happy now, wait until you find out who you really are. You won't recognize yourself.


We may not and do not all share the same passion, but at the end of the day, if you look deep inside yourself without overthinking it, you will see, the passion between us.