When Is It Time To Publish

I ask myself that all the time over and over again. But-I already know the answer. It's like what they say about men: they don't know the best time to propose to a woman, but waiting for "the best time" is quite inane, as there really isn't ever a perfect time. We just have to know on the inside that this is it, and that you've done the best that you could possibly do. And I am at that point. So it that's all true, then what am I waiting for?


Grammar? Nope. A book-release party? Perhaps. Making sure that all my ducks are all in a row? Jackpot! We all know that once it's out, it's out. But I keep retracing my steps just to end up in the same old tired circle. I'm hanging on to material that people I know (personally) are waiting for. I've always been the person to think things through while being the same person who can wake up and decide to buy a new car without giving it too much thought. Okay, I give myself a month of hemming and hawing, but I think you get my point. Right? Basically, I see myself sitting on the sidelines, knowing that I should be on the court, flashing my pretty little novel around in my hand like everyone else. And, yes. We hear experts reminding us that there indeed, is no real rush. But as an author making a first debut into the writing scene on your own, all you wanna do is rush it all while taking your time. Maybe someone else is struggling with the same issue. Double dutching with your book in the hand, waiting for the ropes of readiness to be just right. I see the ropes every day, careful not to step on a whipping rope because when you do, you have to start again. GAME OVER. And nobody wants to have regrets like these.


Am I a perfectionist in general? No. But with my craft? Yes. I wanna give my readers the best experience that they deserve. They don't have to read my book. They don't have to take a ride on a trilogy roller coaster. But they will if they like you and/or your first book. And since they don't owe me anything, I do. I owe all my readers a place where they can escape to with a cup of coffee or tea as they anxiously bite their lower lips turning pages like a mad man. That's what I want. 


So, when is it the right time to publish? When you don't have to worry about the particulars of your book. When all your ducks are in a row, lined up, and ready to be shot, and your final worry is if readers like your book. I think that even though everyone has a unique answer, this answer is mine.