Your Computer Is Not A Bush


I thought it was. And while not literally, it felt good pretending like I was in hiding ... somewhere like inside of a cave, or even in that secluded little cottage no one ever seems to find. But, like all bears, we must come out of hibernation. I'm pretty sure someone out there knows what I'm talking about. The bubble that folds around you that you never quite asked to show up,and you certainly didn't research a quirky method that explains hows to formulate one. One day you just started to write, and the real world around you didn't seem as it used to. 


Now, don't get me wrong. I love my life and most of the people in it. MOST! But let's face it--people become demanding! I work a basic 40 hours a week. I may work .8578 hours over, but for me, I'm a 40-hour-a-week kind of person. I need my life to involve more than a job performance and seeing countless faces at once. I'm an introvert with a soul of an extrovert. I'm affable and gregarious but sometimes, a girl needs to hibernate just to save her own sanity! So, needless to say, you can't escape events and invites for too long, and you must pry your tiny fingers--or maybe yours are big--off of the computer long enough to get out there and show people that you're not really dead and/or that you quite do exist. I mean, you wouldn't want people to think that you're an elusive work of art of one's imagination, would you? In that case, you'd be no better than the Gruffalo. Yup. It had gotten that bad, and I'm still working on it. I mean, my older sisters have only seen me once and that was about two years or so ago!!! (Can I get a jawdrop here?) So, I was failing in real life and hoarding my work in progress in the virtual world. Talk about pulling a celebrity hiatus without the status. SMH. But I don't want to focus on my real world, that's all I care to say about that. I am working on it. :)


So, I decided to start small in the virtual world. I decided to share my work little by little, but only after converting myself on social media to 'Author' status instead of, well, just me. I wanted to give myself to the public in a different kind of way. It was fun, liberating, and a tad scary, but I was beyond ready to make the transition. You see, social media for me, is way better when there is a point or reason behind your existence. Tons of people choose to have an unspecified agenda on SM, and that's totally cool, but that course had definitely run dry for me. I wanted to share my work, blood, sweat and tears with others who could relate and/or enjoy it. Criticism will come, but if it's constructive, it'll help you grow if you are serious about being the best that you can be in this specific tunnel of artistry. Anyway, simply being Dawn Wright bored me to tears and I even drew away from that on SM. I didn't care about sharing too much. We don't care that Dawn Wright went to Wegmans and coughed two times while shopping for eggs, no more than we care that Dawn Wright bought a new pair of shoes at DSW after shopping for the high-arch foot that looks pretty on ballerinas but terrible to accommodate for the every day use. Who cares? I certainly didn't want to keep talking about myself in trivial ways as time moved on. I wanted to focus more on other people but in a targeted fashion. What were readers reading? What were other writers writing?


So, like a perv in the night, I began to slowly peek out from behind the bush to see who else I could meet, even if we'd never said a word to one another in real life. If you know me in real life, you know that I cannot stand interacting with strangers. I'm shy and highly personal. Not the kind of person to ping pong out-of-the-blue comments with another in the store when we are both eyeing the same product, even when initiated by the other person. I'll engage, but I like to be left alone. Yes, I will have to step outside of my bubble when I have to do book tours and what not. But when it comes to your passion, you don't care. If anything, for your passion, you will break all the rules without thinking twice. It makes you go against all the grains, but that depends on how bad you want something. This doesn't pertain to just writers, but everyone. The person who wants to sing, dance, run a company, save the world, drive a school bus, whatever! Do you, but do it right and do it with passion. No one has time to live in fear and let it eat you up. I've done that and my soul was dull. I was okay, happy, and always self-aware. But now, I am wonderful, elated, and still, very self-aware (not self-conscious--two different things).


Yes, fellow authors, some of us can sometimes find ourselves sitting behind our computers, hiding, writing ... But we cannot hide there forever. We have to release ourselves wholeheartedly into the world and open ourselves up to acceptance and criticism. It's a part of life! There is tons of support around you and away from you, physically and virtually. But I can tell you one thing: it's okay to sit behind that bush, because we pour our hearts into it. However, at some point, we do have to burn it and stand naked and unafraid. Put your clothes back on, silly.  ;)