Author Spotlighting

This week I finally managed to finish my project! From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to find a way to help other authors with their book sales, or at least with their exposure. Traditionally published or self-published, I don't care, an author is an author and we all need as many platforms as possible. I normally focus on myself. I normally worry about myself, and I don't mean this in any snobby or self-centered way. I just figure that when people genuinely want your help, they'll come and find you. But happens when you seek to help others? Well, something magical happens.

A community is stronger, bonds are built, love is shared. That's the people side. On the business side, books sale more, exposure is higher, author awareness is increased. Isn't that the goal? We all have mutual friends on social media as we are all a part of the same community, but what about the friends who are not? Do they know if these awesome authors exist? Do their friends know that I exist? Probably not. Otherwise, wouldn't we be friends? As I often preach, writing a book is a tiny part of the battle, pfft, I don't even think it makes half of it. And if any author can't see that, then they're forsaking all the other elements that come with being a successful author. The object of it all is to have people enjoy your story, otherwise, why write it? What good is a great Billboard hit if the artist hides it in the studio? Remember how your favorite song made you feel? Songs always make us feel that same feeling even after hearing it on repeat. Books are the same way. Not every slice of material has the same effect, but by now you get my drift. Just imagine never hearing your favorite song. 

So, look forward to me showcasing other authors again and again on my website in the future. My first collection of authors told me that they were honored and felt loved, but they need to understand that the feeling is totally mutual. They could have turned me down, but they're smart. They didn't. They want as many people in this world to enjoy their craft the same way I want, too. I mean, aren't all artists looking for their Billboard hit?