Why Wait For The New Year When You Have Today?


Change. It can scare humans so much that we have to put a date on it. That date happens to be once a year. And I’m here to tell you, that if you want to change something, don’t wait! Let it happen immediately so you can put that improvement in motion. 

Case in point: I went for a (I know, no one wants to talk or hear about this, but get over it) colon cleanse one day back in 2007 in DC, and at the end of it, the technician (can I call her that?)—who was also the owner—instructed me not to eat anything with eyes. Laying on my side and with my bare butt poked in her direction, my eyes widened. What? Lady I am black! We needs our chicken!!! I mean, she should understand. She was black herself. Why would you ever tell another black person to lay off the chicken?

Well, hell. I’d paid over  $100 for this procedure. Besides, my stomach felt like heaven. It felt refreshed and brand new like a newborn. I was going to obey. Sighing, I finished up with her and went home. So, reporting back to work the following Monday, I informed my vegetarian friend of the instructions, which made her happy. And by the end of the week, I realized that I liked the absence of meat. My coworker urged me to keep going, and she was the extra push I needed. And when Thanksgiving came around, I told her that I couldn’t guarantee not touching the bird. She told me not to do it. In my heart, I agreed, it was the right choice. Thanksgiving came and I wasn’t even tempted. Notice how I didn’t wait to change on New Years? You wanna know how long I stuck by that lifestyle? I stuck by it for seven years. Eventually, a girl needs her chicken!

That fall night in October, I went to Whole Foods after work and picked up some chicken from the hot bar. Fried. Baked. You name it! I ate it. I was glad and unashamed. When you know you know. And I didn’t need a new year to make the change back to a carvinorous diet. 

I have more examples, but I think you get the point. Though I didn’t seek out a new dietary change the day of the colon cleanse, I could’ve used the New Year as an excuse to continue the vegetarian journey after the mandated week or to convert back to my meats for good. I did neither. True change that needs to be done should happen in an instant, even if that instant is the very next day. Days are renewed in 24 hours, but some of us wait for a new year to usher in the much-needed change. I know, I’ve been there almost every new year. But sometimes we wait for the new year, so we can keep wearing comfortable just a little bit longer. And we all know, comfort isn’t growing. So, slip into something less comfortable. I mean, if it ends up not being for you, you know where to find  your security blanket. 😊