The Crummy Days


It all started when I decided to re-edit my paperback. So I did what I thought I'd never do. I yanked that sucka off the market. I haven't blogged since January, and that's just straight up unforgivable. I do apologize--for those who have noticed--my prolonged absence. But this is what I've been up to. 


So I took the book down. There were some changes I wanted to make to the 665-page book. This book cost $22.50 and I didn't like that, regardless of the royalty rate, because who would pay that much for a new author when Stephen King books cost that much? So, I sacrificed my desire for the layout and reformatted the book. I went from 1.5 spacing to single. And to be clear, Createspace sets the minimum price based on page count/weight.

So the hardest part was going back over the book aaaaaaall over again. Everything had to be precise. That's how I work. You'd think you can hit Select All and hit Single and check the Don't Add Extra Space Between Lines box, but no. Sometimes the space still remains less than 1.5 and you have to hit the headline box No Spacing just to readjust the lines. You don't want extra space between paragraphs because readers will come for you and they deserve better because this is not just an under-five-dollar investment. You've asked them to spend Panera-meal money on your book. Well, things were far from right so yeah, I couldn't rest until things were right. But I also couldn't spend countless hours behind the laptop. I had a life to live and another book to write. You just don't know. As much as I love my book, I didn't want to keep rereading it when I had another book to edit--the sequel. 

Well, the format and interior passed with flying colors but with a new page count of 380, the current spine measurement wouldn't accommodate this new page count. So after paying a different book designer to readjust my dimensions, she had to go over it like three to four times before it took. I JUST got the memo from Createspace that the book is actually ready again, which will now be sold at $13.55. Yaaay me! A reasonable price for a new author. 

But to make things clear, last week I just started the edits to my second book, Capital Consequences. Both of my editors actually had their hands in it at least a year ago and I'm just now doing them. As an author, my personal struggle is moving slower than preferred, because I struggle with trying to pen more than one book at a time. That's the least of my juggling behavior. I don't delegate nothing so my hands stay in all types of pies. Yup. I'm so guilty that I started a new trilogy and I thought I'd never do one again. But this one will be very different. I won't be juggling four characters and it'll also be from a male's POV. 

So. I'm happier now. I'm more focused--we'll sort of. I never thought I had ADD until late last year. Not joking at all. But more than everything, I feel human again. I can stop focusing on Capital Encounters and focus on solely marketing it. Not editing it!!!  So yeah, this is what I've been up to. I'll be shooting off my first newsletter this week since I have literally closed the chapter on Capital Encounters. Well--never do we authors leave a book behind, but you catch my draft--I mean, drift.