It's Been a Long Time

Wow. I never thought it'd take me weeks to reconnect again with my audience. But, yes. I found it unnecessary to force myself to write, though I had plenty of topics I could've shared. I've been tremendously busy, and there's proof for that.  

Yesterday, I finished writing my fourth book. This book, I think will be my first erotica book. Somehow, I don't quite think it qualifies as a romance novel, though I'm a romance author. I don't mind at all, though, because in the future, I want to cross into two genres, maybe three, while primarily being a romance author. I think a reader would love to see her/his author expand. 

Well, I cannot speak a lot about this book. It's under wraps. It's my secret project that pushed me out of my comfort zone. It had plenty of sex and I'd classify it as raunchy. Who knows? My beta readers will let me know. I haven't rounded all my betas up yet, so holler if you think you want the task. You won't be needed for this book for about another week or two. I gotta do the edits. Also, I'll share the secret with my betas before everyone else. Anyway, this book pushed me language wise, I don't really talk the way I wrote in this book. I'm an angel. (Cue the cackling!) I realized that it's not that hard to go beyond your limits. Once you do it, you're like, "That wasn't so hard." It's honestly all in our heads. As the medium between my characters and readers, you have a responsibility to tell the story. When the reader is nose dived into that book, they're not focusing on your hang-ups unless it shows in your material. They're just worried about those characters. So I had to get it right. Now that that's over with, I feel less dramatically constrained about writing this kind of material in the future. It's not always about writing about sex that can be a challenge, but more like what's going on in that bed. Or--is a bed even necessary? 

Yeah, so I feel the weight of the world off my shoulders. As a writer, that only lasts for a few days, maybe a week. You wanna know why? Because we always get into trouble again. Authors are restless creatures. And for me, it's hard to focus on one to two projects at a time. There's always something that needs to be done. There is NO such thing as a real vacation with authors. We always got crap to do! We have to make the mental choice to cut ties with our 'sponsibilites for a moment just to have fun. That means, no social media-related work, no writing, no editing, no marketing, no booking, no teaser creating--nothing! We do more than what I just listed! I swear y'all! This field is brutal and relentless and only the passionate survive! I always wish writing was the only slice in that pie, but it ain't and it never will be! Well, I'll keep you updated. I'll even add a post to explain what I've learned about marketing. But this is what I've been doing. I've been a hermit. This is what I've signed up for. However, you readers continue to make it worth my while.