Speaking from the Heart

Speaking from the heart, there’s days when the sun can’t shine any brighter. You have your mind made up with 100 percent certainty, that you should unequivocally do things one way, and you gather your faith like dirty clothes on the floor that needs to be laundered, and place it all in one machine, because that’s where you know you’ll get results. 

Then there’s other days when your mind takes you all over the place, like a tour guide, making you feel like you need a map in your own God-given territory. What happened to the laundered clothes that were dropped in one place? Did they not get cleaned? Did someone pull them out when you had your back turned for one moment? Sometimes, that’s all it takes is that one moment of doubt. Doubts. Are they okay? How long should you have them? 


Doubts. I believe they’re okay. They give us a chance to reassess, to determine if we still want those same clothes after all. If nothing goes your way, or if dreams unfold slowly, if you find yourself still standing firm with the case of detergent even when the washer appears broken, then you’ve just learned how badly you still want that dream, how strong your faith really is, and that no obstacle will make you choose a different laundromat. That, my friend, is faith.   

Speaking from the heart, you’d better keep hold of that bottle of detergent, because one day, when you don’t expect that washer to click, it will, and you will learn the power of faith and that dreams come true to those who refuse to leave their spot. 🖤🖤🖤