The Day I Made My First Book Trailer



Okay. So I finally did it. This may not be new to some authors like it was for me, but to budding authors or veterans who aren’t tech savvy, this may come in handy.  

Was it that hard? Mmm, not so much, just a bit tedious. So let’s get started on my steps.


1.) I used my iMac. 

If you follow me on IG, you’ll see that of my three magical machines, this is my top dog, baby. If you’re familiar with Apple, they have countless apps, free or otherwise. I used free a app for creating trailers and videos. 

2.) I used stock photos for free. 

I like pixabay and pexels. Notice how everything so far is free. Why? Because you’ll want your money to go to two places: those of which you have zero competence in and marketing. For example, I could but I won’t create my own book cover.

3.) I used royalty-free music. 

Again, didn’t have to pay. I’ll have to find the names of the video app and music site. I added it to the bar under my photos in the movie program.  

4.) I incorporated the photos and phone app

I took the stock photos and used my phone app, Phonto, on my Apple phone, to create and manipulate the message to fit the photo, which was obviously, all relevant to my book. Example: gambling takes place in my book, very lightly, but the whole book is high stakes, so I used a photo to represent the two and linked the written caption to relate to my characters’ lives.

5.) I arranged the best way that made sense. 


It’s tricky to try to tell the story or premise of your book in such a short span that makes sense to your readers without shouldn’t go over one minute. If you can do 30 secs, that’s very good! People have short attention spans. But you want the trailer to motivate the reader to buy.  

6.) Not one thing will create a sale. 

It’s not just marketing, it’s building relationships with people or popping in places that create sales. So don’t think a trailer or teaser alone will do this. Someone may study your teaser, trailer, reviews, and your personality before making a purchase. It really runs that deep for some people. Some are good with just your cover alone and blurb, or one teaser. I think reviews, of course, help. Don’t think many authors will argue with me here. Other reviews help to put new customers’ souls at ease when people are taking a chance on you. 

7.) What’s next?  

How many trailers should you make?  

That’s a personal decision, but I would say from my personal stance, I would do it once here and there. Maybe three a year. I feel too many would lose an effect versus teasers. Also, I wouldn’t argue with the idea of paying someone to do a professional trailer for me. I mean, if it’s done right in the first place, do you really need to do anymore for that same project? Kind of like movies. You know from one good trailer if something is right for you or not. But I will make a book trailer for book two soon.

On the other hand... 


Teasers to me are a marketing strategy that never get old and take no time away from people, since they’re only catching a glance or an admirable longing stare. Think about it! Beautiful teasers are captivating and draw you into looking for more than seconds. You don’t even mind the time it takes to study and appreciate them. But if they don’t captivate you, you don’t spend more than two seconds to find out what the caption even says. We just don’t. 

I feel the that for the readers who already have that book, know the genre isn't their preference, or know the book isn’t their type, won’t watch the second trailer for that same book anyway. You can only hope that subsequent trailers for that same book will draw new eyes when the first post didn’t. So feel it out, because what works for one person won’t work for all. 

But on the upside... 


If all this savvy talk and lack of money to hire someone is getting you down, I did find that collage teasers are that beautiful medium between a teaser and a trailer. They offer a still frame like a teaser but with multiple images that tell a story like trailers instead of the one-dimensional glimpse like a teaser, hence the term, teaser, but no one will have to feel obligated to sit the whole thing through like a trailer. So there’s that! 

If you have any questions, I’m always here!