Who Am I?


The little man in the background surely wants to know. I’m a writer, Gemini, and a city lover who needs her coffee. Don’t ever take me to the country, unless it’s in another country. I like to drive into DC to clear my mind. I squeal when I can drive past the neighborhoods in which my characters reside. Don’t let me drive past the National Harbor on my way to the MGM casino. Oh no. That’s where my readers’ book boyfriend Jackson lives. I swear I can pull over and knock on his door. Ladies, that man can do his thang in bed. Just ask Brooke! These people are very much alive to me as the crust is between your toes. Hmm what else??? Don’t ask me to kill bugs. That’s what my man is for; it’s in the contract. No kill bug, no bootie. Don’t ask me to help you move. If I’m a true friend, I’ll prove it another way. If you really wanna read my book but your budget is tight, I won’t make you put my ebook on layaway, just ask! I may have another ebook just laying around somewhere...🤔🤥.Well. I’m an amalgamation of crazy, and my books will reflect that as well.