Thank you to all of my wonderful readers who took the time to share your reviews! Enjoy some honest feedback.


I do not give spoilers to any book I review...that would take the fun out of it for the next reader. This book is perfection! The characters are very well developed and so easy to relate to. Seriously, ask yourself if you or anyone you know has ever made bad choices... The answer is yes every single time. Life is a learning process... make a mistake you learn not to make it again. These four women are fabulous. I loved each character...for different reasons. Dawn Wright did an outstanding job making the characters, not only well developed, very diverse. The story line flowed perfectly; it has some surprising twist and turns, which makes it even harder to put down. This was a page turner for me and has became one I will be buying in paperback for an excellent addition to my library. I understand that there are people who are used to two to three characters in books... Times are changing and this author made it very easy to follow the characters. When you see Brooke or Summer in bold print, you know what flows is about that character. In real life our lives have more than two to three people in it and if you want to read a book that you can relate to the characters it has to flow as life does. Authors are striving hard to dig deep to deliver those stories to us. I thank you Ms. Wright for taking that step... it made the book so enjoyable for me. I highly recommend this book to all women! I look forward to more from this author.  ~Jessa (Five Stars)

In this wonderful book, Dawn Wright, captures a suspenseful and expressive view of dramatic relationships amongst four women through dating, friendship, and business. Which a compelling ending, I am left to wonder what happens next in her following book. Highly enjoyed!!! ~ Angela (Five Stars)

Well written, this is a plot twister! I'm looking forward to the next book! Dawn Wright makes the characters come to life! ~Mallory (Five Stars)

Loved this book! I got totally involved with the characters, excited for book 2! ~Jamii (Five Stars)

"We're adviced in our lives to tell the truth no matter what, but no one could ever tell you the exact price of admission."

This book totally surprised me.
I have a doubt when I started reading it. There's many main characters here and I'm not a big fan of too much characters to focus on. But this one is an exception, because the more I read the more I like these characters. They got me feeling so many emotions, sometimes I want to yell and scream and slap them for those stupid things they did, and other times I totally rooting for them, and got teary when they're broken. And love their friendship despite they're not always on the same page, just like a real friendship should.
Yup angst, laughter, sadness and some hotness. All is in this book. And with some twists and turns. I really love this book.
Love when the author keep me on edge, expecting something bad happens. Makes me wondering what will happen when the truth is coming out.
In the end, I really enjoying reading it and really love the characters.

This book is about four ordinary women in real life. Making stupid mistakes, doing something reckless, being hopelessly foolish about love, got so many responsibilities, with happiness, freedom and contentment as the goals. That's why I'm really enjoying this book.~Dita (Five Stars)


These are the only words I can think of to describe this wonderfully written story of four girlfriends. And while they haven't been "lifetime" friends, they all seem to come together at pivotal points in their lives.

Emily can't get over her marriage breakup. Amber gets paid for her "services".

Brooke is a well sought after wedding planner and Summer seems to be the glue that holds them all together.

Each have their secrets, desires, fears and temptations. Each have their reasons for not being in a relationship but most of all, they each have one another.

Until one incident will tear the group apart.

To say I thoroughly enjoyed this book would be a huge understatement.

I'm extremely lucky enough to have my "circle", just as these four women do.

Dawn, Thank you for trusting me with your baby. Cannot wait for book two. ~Bloggers From Down Under (Five Stars)

The four friends in this story seem to become close fast and they have a lot of ups and downs and some serious drama, some of it is brought on by themselves, and some of it they just seem to stumble into. The story follows each woman separately. They all seem to have some baggage and or demons that they have to deal with in order to find what they are looking for. It took me a bit to get interested in the lives of a couple of the women, but once they started falling in love or making some questionable choices I really wanted to see how she would handle it, what came next and how it ended. I am looking forward to the next book in the trilogy to see what happens, the friends are all left in precarious situations. It was a page turner for me. ~Michele (Four Stars)

Because of who I am- I rate this a 3.5, which is awesome for me and romance!
Capital Encounters tells of past mistakes, desire, chance and most of all Friendship. Our heroines are Summer, Brooke, Emily and Amber. Each woman, lovely and laced with some sort of issue, is pretty much easy to understand, but not quite relatable. They left me both interested and irritated- as should any good author manage to incite in a reader.

Though bits of the writing was stiff (felt forced more than flowed), the writing was terrific, making the read pleasant during my crazed day of NaNoWriMo in November. I believe I enjoyed Summer's story the most. Described by the author as a Free Bird, I saw me in her. The wide-eyed, bushy tailed, ready to leap sorta life is how I still greet life. What she endures along the way is a completely different story, but kept me hooked.

The issues I had with Capital Encounters is the amount of characters involved. I understand this tends to happen when each pivotal character has a life outside of the others. Sadly, sometimes it caused me to drift and not keep up. It happens with several POV's and intricacies such as this novel. Is that a negative quality? Nah, just stay focused. Remember, I'm a tomboy with selective ADD- you gotta keep a hold of me!
The twists and surprises are definitely a winner, and should be expected, but I didn't see some of these coming!~Alyssa (Four Stars)